Majestics Team & Contest Information

Welcome to our Majestics family! We have held national championship titles since 1994. Check out some of our videos to see what we are all about! Our team is already underway! If you want information about our team, please feel free to stop by the studio and speak with our lovely staff! 


The Majestics Dance Team was founded in 1988 by Charisse Kral. The Majestics teaches dancers ages four-years-old through 18-years-old. The program is designed to prepare your dancer for their high school dance teams as well as build friendships and make life-long memories.



Thanks for selecting our program. The award-winning Majestics Dance Team holds several national grand champion titles. Entertaining judges and audiences has brought them numerous awards each season. We specialize in preparing the girls for their middle school and high school dance programs by creating a similar experience. Since each dance team program in Fort Bend specializes in different dance styles, it is our goal to introduce these different styles to the girls.

What styles do we train in? This question is a bit tricky. Every year we change up our competition dance categories to fit our dancers. We have competed in jazz, hip-hop, pom, prop, lyrical, modern and novelty. We have been competing for 20 years and have taken a national championship title in every division throughout the years.

Each dancer will be evaluated in the summer during our technique classes and team camp. We will hold special team classes for new girls interested in our program throughout the summer. We will start holding team classes in August before we go to camp. After auditions we will place them in the dances we feel they will succeed in during that season.

You are just steps away from being apart of this TEAM. Welcome to our family.


Crowd Pleasers - Solo/Ensemble Competition:

Youth Solo/Duet Awards 

Winner: Lexi Nowak        1st Runner up: Babi Jones        2nd Runner up: Erin Kram 

Youth Duet Winner: Lexi Nowak/Erin Kram        Youth Duet Runner Up: Ashlee Allen/Payton Passante 

Youth Team Awards

Youth Medium Ensemble Winner: Youth Zebra Jazz

MA Dance - Solo/Ensemble Competition:

Tiny Solo Awards

Winner: Julia Chang        1st Runner Up: Sofia Martinez      2nd Runner Up: Adrianna Rosa 

Mini Solo Awards

Winner: Kate Fogleman      1st Runner Up: Ella Bennett       2nd Runner Up: Fiona Dunphy     3rd Runner Up: Stella Keel    4th Runner Up: Priya Jethva


Mini Small Ensemble Winner:  Mini Zebra Jazz

Youth Team Awards

Winner: Ashlee Allen    1st Runner Up: Erin Kram     2nd Runner Up: Payton Passante     3rd Runner Up: Lexi Nowak    4th Runner Up: Babi Jones and Addison Feller

Youth Large Ensemble Winner: Youth Zebra Jazz

Junior Team Awards

1st Runner Up: Riley Knight      2nd Runner Up: Maria Maldonado    3rd Runner Up: Hannah King and Kaitlyn Lopez    

Junior Small Ensemble Winner: Junior Silver Jazz

Crowd Pleasers - Magnolia High School:


Tiny Solo Awards

Winner: Sofia Martinez      1st Runner Up: Julia Chang

Mini Solo Awards

7-9 yr. old Winner: Stella Keel  7-9 yr. old 1st Runner Up:  Fiona Dunphy   9-10 yr. old 1st Runner Up: Kate Fogleman   9-10 yr. old 2nd Runner Up:  Addison Feller

Mini Team Awards

Mini Medium Ensemble Winner: Mini Pink Jazz

Best In Class Team Lyrical       Best In Class Team Novelty       Best In Class Team Jazz: Zebra Jazz

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Youth Solo/Duet Awards

Winner: Lexi Nowak   1st Runner Up: Erin Kram   2nd Runner Up: Babi Jones  

Youth Duet Winner: Erin Kram/ Lexi Nowak       Youth Duet 1st Runner Up: Ashlee Allen/Payton Passante

Youth Small Ensemble Winner: Youth Pink Jazz

1st Runner Up Team Pom

Best In Class Team Contemporary     Best In Class Team Hip Hop     Best In Class Team Novelty     Best In Class Team Jazz: Zebra Jazz

Outstanding Choreography & Performance Quality Hip Hop      Outstanding Choreography Jazz


Junior Solo Awards

Winner: Riley Knight     1st Runner Up: Kaitlyn Lopez

Junior Team Awards

Junior Small Ensemble Winner: Pink Jazz

Junior Team Super Sweepstakes

Best In Class Contemporary    Best In Class Hip Hop     Best In Class Jazz: Silver Jazz

Outstanding Choreography and Performance Quality Hip Hop      Outstanding Pom Technique    

Outstanding Choreography and Technique Jazz




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